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King Toilet Repair Service Plano TX

TX Plano Plumbing isn’t concerned about getting dirty while helping our customers. We roll our sleeves and go where no one dares to go under the foundation and in your drainage system if that is what it takes to help a homeowner who has a major blockage that is preventing their sewage to empty or flow far and away from the home to its final destination.

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You may not know how to repair a leaking toilet, but we do. We have a lot of experience and know a lot of simple things that we can do to fix your water leak which could be emptying your pocket through high water bills. At any time of the day or night, we can help you especially if you have an emergency.

If you are ready to change your old toilet, or if you just want to have something new that uses less water, we can help you with toilet installation. Our plumbers can do this job in such a way that provides you with the quality and elegant finishing that you need. We can install a toilet in a way that you can’t tell if it is an addition or it came with the house because of the care we take to fit it to your tiled floor.

Water Heater


If you want water heater installation we can help you as well. Our experience in performing this service will benefit you because we can do this quickly. Is your hot water heater leaking? Call us and let our plumbers help you.

Licensed Plumbing in Plano Texas

Do you need help plumbing toilet or with toilet repair, we are knowledgeable in handling all your toilet leaking issues. If you have been hearing your toilet flush on its own and the tank trying to fill up with water all the time, you should call for help. If you have a clogged toilet we can unblock it quickly to give you back the convenience that you need.

Drain Cleaning


If you have experienced slow drain, you might have buildup or blockage in your pipes that needs to be checked. Call us any time and let us give you our undivided attention to isolate the problem and to solve it for you.