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King Water Heater Service Plano TX

The bad news is that your water heating system has gone out; the good news is that we can fix it. You have noticed the in several months or so the system has not been providing your family with enough water. But as it sounds, you are going to need water heater installation pretty soon if you want to continue getting hot water. If you call us, we can help you identify a good water heater and install it for you.

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In case the cause of your problem is hot water heater leaking, TX Plano Plumbing can repair it so that you don’t have to go through the expense of buying a new one. We know precisely which parts of your heater leaks and what causes this problem. Our plumbers are highly experienced in this sort of repair and can provide you with needed services quickly.

When you need water heater repair for your water heater leaking problem consider calling a service that is reputable and that is recognized for quality and reliability.

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If you want water heater installation we can help you as well. Our experience in performing this service will benefit you because we can do this quickly. Is your hot water heater leaking? Call us and let our plumbers help you.

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Do you need to have a tankless water heater because of its in-built advantages? We can provide you with this type of heater fast. We have all the tools and skills needed to make this installation successfully and can provide you with this service at an affordable price. With a tank-less heater, you will not need nearly as much space in your garage since unlike the tank type it take up your floor space in the garage or anywhere else you would like it installed.

Drain Cleaning


If you have experienced slow drain, you might have buildup or blockage in your pipes that needs to be checked. Call us any time and let us give you our undivided attention to isolate the problem and to solve it for you.